How to watch NFL Live streaming including preseason,regular season, Superbowl, and playoff

How to watch NFL Live

NFL Game Pass - Bypass NFL Blackout

There are many ways to watch NFL live. The obvious method is to sit in front of your TV and subscribe to NFL Sunday ticket if you cable satellite. However, in this post, I will show you guys how to watch NFL live including pre-season, regular season, Superbowl, Playoff, and 24/7 NFL Network Live.

The best way to watch NFL live games is through the official NFL program called Game Pass.  NFL Game Pass allows you to stream all NFL games Live on your computer, ipad, and Android devices.


If NFL game pass is so good, where is the catch? Firstly, NFL Game Pass is NOT available in United States so if you are in the states, you are SOL. US users have something called NFL rewind which lets you to watch archived NFL games but nothing Live. What’s fun of that? I will show you shortly how you can get around the block and still subscribe to Gamepass.

If you are in Canada, UK, or Ireland, Gamepass is available to you but severely crippled. You lose out all playoff games, Superbowl, and Sunday Night football while paying the same price. However, by following the instruction below, you will be able to get all those blocked games.


Here is a quick comparison chart of Game Pass between countries:


Step 1

So how do you get NFL game pass if you are in USA, Canada, UK, or Ireland? First, you need to setup a UnoDNS account and run the setup. If you haven’t done so, you can grab a free one for 8 days here: .  Once you see setup is complete, you can proceed to step 2.

quickstart - UnoTelly

Step 2

Go to ,you will notice that the currency changes to Euro instead of dollar or pound. Choose the package you want to purchase. Personally, I bought Season Plus because it includes everything like Playoff streaming live and Superbowl streaming live. If the price is too steep, you can choose the 4 installment payments. If you do the math, the monthly cost is actually not that bad because the pass lasts until July 31, 2013. The cost per month works out to be €20.

NFL Game Pass - Price


Once you are at the order page, you can fill out the relevant information including your real billing address.

NFL Game Pass signup




Step 3

Once you got your confirmation, you are ready to roll! Here is the logon screen:

Watch NFL live



Here is the game schedule where you can choose which game to watch Live:


Here is the actual game:



There you go. Happy NFLing . If you have any questions leave us a comment. We’ll see you guys in Superbowl!


p.s. Users from Canada, UK, or Ireland, you can log into your existing NFL game pass account and you will be able to get around the blackout by using UnoDNS.



How to watch NFL Live

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How to get NFL game pass in USA

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