How to Fix NetFlix Error Code: N8156-6013 (Thanks Ian!)

Netflix could be crazy from time to time. It’s dreadful when you see an error code when you are about to dive into your awesome movie.

Today’s “NetFix” episode is brought to you by one of our loyal UnoTelly users Ian. After experiencing the dreadful “N8156-6013” error code, Ian found a solution and generously shared it to me.

So what is causing¬†N8156-6013 to pop up on your screen? No one knows for sure except that it has something to do with Microsoft’s Silverlight. I personally don’t like Silverlight but since Netflix is using it, I have no choice.

There are many solutions on the Internet that claim it will fix this problem. The tried-and-true approach is to search for mspr.hds on your PC and rename it to mspr.old.

There is another approach which suggests using an older version of Silverlight can solve the problem. Simply uninstall your Silverlight and download this version here:

  • Stan Vav

    Thanks for help. Renaming the file worked. The older version of Silverlight – same problem.

  • Bruce

    I wish the guys at Netflix were as smart as you. I renamed the file as you said and everything works! Many thanks.