Signing up for a Netflix USA account

How to sign up for an American Netflix account


Thanks for the tip of one of our customers, Canadian account holders will be able to access Netflix USA content without having to sing up another Netflix account. If you have a Canadian Netflix account, please turn on UnoTelly and search “Mad Men” and “The Glee” on Netflix. If you are able to stream these two titles, then it means you are accessing USA Netflix contents.

There are few ways to sign up for Netflix USA without being a resident of the United States (if you are U.S. expats living abroad, this is even easier!). Today, I’m going to talk about one of the methods which I can personal vouch for because I signed up for it and works 100% in Canada.

Assume you have already setup UnoTelly DNS and have open access to Netflix USA. (Learn more about UnoTelly here)


There are 2 methods to sign up for a Netflix USA account. We recommend you try #1 first:


1) Sign up Netflix by using US Paypal

1. Sign up a US Paypal account
2. Choose Paypal address as United States and enter a zip code. Use Google Map to find a location.
3. Link your credit card. Remember to choose United States as the Paypal country.
4. Go to Netflix sign up page , make sure the page is in US by checking this image and see US at the bottom of the page:
Netflix USA

5. Proceed to payment using your US Paypal account.

2) Sign up Netflix by using Entropay

The first thing you need to do is to sign up a U.S. prepaid virtual VISA credit card from EntroPay . The virtual VISA is basically like a real credit card except it’s prepaid. You can think of it as a giftcard/credit card. This card can be accepted anywhere just like a real credit card.

How does EntroPay works

  1. You sign up an account and create a virtual VISA card from EntroPay. This is free-of-charge.
  2. You “charge up” the virtual VISA card from your personal VISA card. The charge up fee is 4.95% and the minimum charge up amount is $20.
  3. After that, EntroPay will generate a VISA card for you to use with real card number, expiry date, and etc.

This is my EntroPay card with sensitive information censored:

How to Sign up EntroPay

To get a U.S. credit card, first create an EntroPay account. Enter all real and accurate information. Be aware, under “Country”, enter your real country. Do not put “United States” unless your billing address is there. Sign up this card as you would like buying anything else online.

Once you get your virtual VISA card ready, turn on UnoTelly, make sure it’s working by going to Quick Start page. Once you verified everything is working, go to Netflix and sign up for a Netflix free trial using your newly acquired U.S. virtual VISA card.


Important! Before you sign up Netflix, please check the bottom of the page to see if you are on the correct page. Netflix USA should says something “USA”, and Canada should say something “Canada”.




Sometimes you might get this page which says “You need a valid U.S. mailing address”.


To solve this problem, please clear the cookies and history of your Internet browser. Click here to learn how to clear your browser cookies.

Voila! Now you have unlimited access to US Netflix. So what are you waiting for? Starting Netflixing and stop cabling! Netflix cost is $7.99 per month after the free trial. If you have queries, feel free to comment.

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  • Lynell

    Just cause it’s smilpe doesn’t mean it’s not super helpful.

  • Barbara

    I signed up to paypal with a USA address but Paypal wont let me link to a non US credit card address to make payments. Any suggestions other than Entropay?